Paraglide Coffee: A Journey From the Bayside Beach Trail to Your Cup

Paraglide Coffee was inspired by the thrill of paragliding, which is a sport that requires no engine yet enables its participants to fly for hours on end. During runs on the Bayside Beach trail in Melbourne, the founders of Paraglide Coffee were struck by the similarities between the paragliders and the innovative coffee product they had discovered – the drip coffee bag.

These bags, which have become extremely popular in Asia. The Paraglide coffee version builds upon these pioneers to add in high-grade specialty coffee roasted in Melbourne. We have this packaged in a unique, no-mess, portable package. Having seen the potential of this product, we set out to bring it to Australia.

Paraglide Coffee | Bayside Beach Trail


With a passion for both coffee and sustainability, Paraglide Coffee is committed to sourcing its coffee sustainably and to reducing its environmental impact. The company is currently working on developing compostable bags that can be added to home and local council compost.

At Paraglide Coffee, we believe that coffee is more than just a drink – it's a journey.

Our coffee gliders will not make you fly, but they will carry you through your day and keep you going no matter where the wind takes you.

Make coffee gliders part of your next adventure or trip into work.