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Paraglide Coffee

Big Ears Gliders

Big Ears Gliders

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 Big Ears?

Introducing the Big Ears Glider, our latest addition to the world of drip coffee brewing.

Inspired by the thrill-seeking paragliders, Big Ears was created to bring a fast and smooth coffee experience right to your cup. With a larger surface area and stronger hooks, Big Ears provides a faster brew and a stronger grip on your mug. So take your coffee to new heights and enjoy the thrill of a delicious and speedy brew with Big Ears Glider.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Excellent filter coffee

These were quite a surprise! It took my a few goes to work out how to do it exactly right…. but once I did, it is so easy and quick. Ciao to my v60 and endless purchase of filter papers!

Great recommendation

A friend gave me one of these to try and I loved it. So easy and the taste is great considering how quick it is.

Upgrade to Big Ears

I’ve been a classic user for months and wasn’t keen on changing, but the sound of Big Ears tempted me so I gave them a try.
Different - but also awesome. Quicker to make - and even looks faster🙂.
Now I need to have both in my drawer at work and at home.


I preferred these to the Classic Gliders (that said, they’re both great). The Big Ears brew a bit quicker which suits me just fine.

New and improved bag system!

Quality in every cup

We source our coffee from speciality coffee roasters who know a thing or two about roasting the best beans.

Experience the golden ratio

1 bag contains 10-12 grams of coffee, which produces the optimal 200-250ml coffee.

Blend and origin

Our roaster has selected a blend that is consistently available for roast each year.

We use a blend of beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea and Columbia